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Apr 17

9️⃣ General Notion Tips Mobile friendly-ness. (2/2) After you have added a table of contents, you still might want to see the dashboard. Most dashboards use more than one column, so you can see more on one screen. What then happens is the mobile view goes from left to right. This is a problem thou...Read more

Apr 16

8️⃣ General Notion Tips Mobile friendly-ness. (1/2) Sometimes, work needs to happen on the go; usually on a phone. The problem with that is that we create these beautiful dashboards, and don’t optimise them for mobile. The first is to have a dropdown at the top of your page, which contains a Table...Read more

Apr 15

7️⃣ General Notion Tips Main Dashboard Tips: Create a main dashboard for everyone in your company, and add all the relevant pages. Now, instead of cluttering everyone’s workspace, share only the sub-pages that the team member needs with them; the rest can be shared to whoever needs it. This makes ...Read more

Apr 14

6️⃣ General Notion Tips Version History: When you are making a template, it is quite probable that you are trying out new things; new formulas, new integrations, etc. Let’s say that you are trying to figure out a formula and you got it, but then thought “I can make this better” and then you overcom...Read more

Apr 13

5️⃣ Notion + Automations (2/2) Let’s say I have an inventory management system in Notion, for my business. There are a number of ways I can make this more automated. For example, when a certain product runs low, I and the relevant team member gets a notification telling us to re stock. Another appl...Read more